Focused on research, knowledge management and the experience of our human capital, we offer innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions that contribute to the achievement of the strategic purposes of our clients.

An API is an interface that lets you communicate computer applications with each other.

In the digital age everything is connected. Increase your chances to connect hundreds of devices to your business flows. There are thousands of options: sensors, mobiles, events, health, transport, logistics, wearables, weather, safety, drones and more.

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We design and implement enterprise solutions based on SOA architecture. Our process is specialized on analysis, architecture, security, implementation and governance of services ensuring their standardization and reusability, increasing the return on investment and organizational agility.

We implement SOA solutions with Oracle, WSO2, IBM, TIBCO and JBoss technologies.

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We improve and align your internal and external information flows through our system integration service. We integrate with WSDL, SOAP, XSD, UDDI, WS-SECURITY, WS-*, JCA, JMS and ESB technologies. Standardized and reusable interfaces are guaranteed.

We integrate with Oracle, WSO2, IBM, TIBCO and JBoss technologies.

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