The Mobile Apps that Itehl develops are native and multi-platform: for iOS and Android.

iOS Native App for all Apple Devices: Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Apple TV, Apple Watch. You can download from the App Store.

Android Native App for smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart watch, smart tv. You can download from the Google Play.

For us, it is important to know:

How you want your app?

What is you expectation?

What is the purpose to develop it?

What is the objective and what is the audience?

The more details you have on what you expect, the easier it is for us to create your App. An Itehl Analyst will help you to have more accuracy to define your requirements.

apps requerimientos

When we talk about the user experience, we refer to the experience before, during and after interacting with the screen of the mobile application. This is one of the most important points in the design of the application, since, apart from being visually attractive, it must be functional and accessible.

apps ui/ux

Our Apps development team works through agile methodologies which will allow you to know the progress of the project in real time and you can interact with the team to provide feedback on the features or functionalities that you expect.


During the development process, we work in four environments:

The first one is Development. This is the environment where designers and developers work every day to develop your app.

The second is Testing or QA. Here we have the testing team that controls the characteristics developed by the design and development team.

The third is the pre-production environment in a url and managed by Itehl, where the client can see and approve the requirements or functionalities developed when they have already passed the quality controls.

The fourth is the production environment where the release is made in all app stores to be downloaded it by the customers.